Our experience, enhanced by our will to fulfill customers' requirements thoroughly, allowed us to gain an acknowledged know-how in 4 experienced departments devoted to the target market:

Aeronautical application :

Bonding braids  
Electrical protections  
Mechanical and thermal protections  
Supply connectors for electrical controllers  
Loom overbraiding  
Potential applications  
Military applications  

For fever information, please contact :
M. Philippe PITAVAL
Tel.  04 77 31 06 64
Fax. 04 77 31 06 71
philippe.pitaval @forissier.fr

Bonding braids

Our ranges :
Braid and cable connections in aluminium or tinned, nickel-plated or silver-plated copper.
Standardised commercial connectors or Forissier custom-designed band connectors.

Advantages of the Forissier solution :
A connection adapted to the environmental needs and limitations of aircraft.
Hook function incorporated into connector..

Benefit to customer :

Our technical departments take constraints into account, thereby saving time and reducing development costs.
Guaranteed choice of materials based on experience and tests conducted in our laboratory.

Options :
Use of specific or specified cables.
Connector definition taken into account.
Hook function incorporated into connector.