Our experience, enhanced by our will to fulfill customers' requirements thoroughly, allowed us to gain an acknowledged know-how in 4 experienced departments devoted to the target market:

Railway Application :

Braids : Power transmission or earthing  
Electrical protection  
Mechanical protection  
Power or earthing connections  
Core wrap shunts : Power transmission  
Flexible bars : distribution in electrical equipment cabinets  
Rigid connections : Power distribution  
Offshoot applications  
Infrastructures applications  

For fever information, please contact :
M. Philippe PITAVAL
Tel.  04 77 31 06 64
Fax. 04 77 31 06 71

Braids : Power transmission or earthing

Our ranges :
Based on a total number of over 150 braiding looms, covering the widest range in the market, we offer the most effective braided solutions best suited to the vast numbers of constraints specific to the railway market. Copper wire variants : bare, tin-plated, nickel-plated, silver-plated, aluminium, steel.

Advantage of the FORISSIER solution :
The diversification of our manufacturing facility, combined with the skills of an R&D team, enables us to offer and design the braid suitable for the geometry, to choose the grade of wire suitable for the environment and also to define the braiding parameters which will increase the lifetime of the braid in the face of the vibrations to which it is subjected.

Customer benefit :

Our technical departments take care of the constraints, which minimizes development times and costs.
Guarantee of the choice of the materials to be used through experience and the tests carried out by our laboratory.

Options :
Calibration of the braid, packaging suitable for customers tools, etc.