Our experience, enhanced by our will to fulfill customers' requirements thoroughly, allowed us to gain an acknowledged know-how in 4 experienced departments devoted to the target market:

Aeronautical application :

Bonding braids  
Electrical protections  
Mechanical and thermal protections  
Supply connectors for electrical controllers  
Loom overbraiding  
Potential applications  
Military applications  

For fever information, please contact :
M. Philippe PITAVAL
Tel.  04 77 31 06 64
Fax. 04 77 31 06 71
philippe.pitaval @forissier.fr

Mechanical and thermal protections

Our ranges :
Tubular sheaths in glassfibre, polyamide and Rilsan.
Tubular sheaths in galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium..

Advantages of the Forissier solution :
A complete range covering low and high temperatures.
Direct copper braiding providing greater flexibility and technical and economic optimisation.
Mechanical and thermal protections may be combined with electrical protection.

Benefit to customer :

Genuine expertise of metallic wire and synthetic fibre braider available, thus providing a solution adapted to customer technical and economic needs.
Total control of functional cost through package deal, right up to production of the connector.

Options :
Delivery in one piece or in cut lengths.
Implementation of connections with mechanical and/or thermal protection.
Responsibility for assembly on customer loom.
Different colours for loom identification.