Our experience, enhanced by our will to fulfill customers' requirements thoroughly, allowed us to gain an acknowledged know-how in 4 experienced departments devoted to the target market:

Railway Application :

Braids : Power transmission or earthing  
Electrical protection  
Mechanical protection  
Power or earthing connections  
Core wrap shunts : Power transmission  
Flexible bars : distribution in electrical equipment cabinets  
Rigid connections : Power distribution  
Offshoot applications  
Infrastructures applications  

For fever information, please contact :
M. Philippe PITAVAL
Tel.  04 77 31 06 64
Fax. 04 77 31 06 71

Rigid connections : Power distribution

Our ranges :
Connections produced to customer drawing from tubes, solid sound bars or bars.
Tin-plating finish on the surfaces or on the whole of the connector, insulation of the conductor.
Production of connections in 3 dimensions.

Advantage of the FORISSIER solution :
The mastery of bending and production of complex shape in 3 dimensions of space.
Know-how in the field of welding in order to produce connections in flat with shunt.
The integration of the dielectric insulation function at FORISSIERís premises.

Customer benefit :

Our technical departments take care of the constraints, which minimizes development times and costs.
A ready-to-fit integrated industrial and technical solution.

Options :
Possibility of welding of specific connectors.
Dielectric insulation by heat-shrinkable sheath, or epoxy paint.